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Custom webshop development

We're a team of motivated developers with a common goal: developing high quality webshops that catch the eye.

Looking for a website or webshop or need better visibility? Anything is possible. We got you covered!

Webshop development

Creating and optimizing webshops is our passion. We strife for perfection and don't settle for less.

Magento migrations

With Magento 1 nearing end of life, an upgrade to Magento 2 is a necessity.

Magento 2 extensions

In the need of additional Magento 2 functionality? Discover our extensions.

Magento 2 Development

Let's get started on your responsive website! Already have a design in mind? Great! If not, our designers are eager to get started on designing your site! Looking for more? How about creating you a new company logo or updating your corporate identity and branding. Last but not least, we take a closer look at your sites SEO and try to increase your visibility because a better SEO means more sales!

Custom websites

Looking for a new website, want your old site modified or in the need of a new design? We got what you are looking for! 

Magento 2 webshops

We specialize in building and upkeeping Magento 2 webshops and are always ready to take on a new challenge. 

Webshop optimization

Is your webshop not performing optimally? In most cases this is the result of poor code optimization. We create a thorough analysis of your webshop and give an overview of how we could solve these problems for you.

SEO optimized

Get your website noticed on all search enginges. A better SEO means more sales!

Custom support

For all our sites and extensions, we offer custom support. This means help with installations, instant bugfixes and customer support via livechat, mail or phone.

Fully mobile responsive

All our sites and extensions are fully mobile responsive. This way users can get the full experience on all devices.

Magento Migrations

Magento 2 is not only an upgrade, but a complete evolution of it's earlier version, full of new functionalities and with an improved service. Since the support for Magento 1 stops in June 2020, now is the right time to start your migration process and be one step ahead of your competition.

Supports latest php versions

Faster page loads with full-page caching

Introduction of plugins

Improved SEO management

Improved security

More user friendly dashboard


Magento 2 Extensions

Building Magento Extensions is our superpower

Aside from websites, we develop custom modules and themes. These vary on the customers needs and range from small but necessary modules, to complicated, large extensions and custom themes for the entire website. A great example of such a large extension is the Exact Online module, which automaticly synchronizes sales, customers and products in Magento and gets custom made for your company needs.

In addition to our custom extensions, try one of our plug & play modules and let them shine on your website.


Best practices, according to Magento concepts.


All of our modules come with a free 3 months support.


Together we complete every project with care and perfection.

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We go further.